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LASIK Co-Managment

Most LASIK surgeries are done today in a LASIK surgical center. What do you do though if you have a trusted eye doctor, who like most eye doctors do not do LASIK surgery? The answer is easy. You have your surgery at a local LASIK surgery center, and Drs. Hiura and Hiura will handle what is called LASIK co-management.

LASIK co-management allows your trusted eye doctor to remain as your primary optometric health provider through every step of the LASIK procedure.

Your Eye at Drs. Hiura and Hiura will meet with you, evaluate whether or not you are a candidate for the LASIK procedure, and recommend a surgeon who will perform the surgery.

Your eye doctor will do the measurements of your eye that are required and inform you of what to expect on the day of the surgery. Your eye doctor will review the benefits and risks involved and answer any of your questions regarding the procedure.

After the procedure has been done, you will see your eye doctor on twice in the first week, after a month, three months, six months, and a year. During these post-operative visits, your eye doctor will review your medication instructions, evaluate the vision and health of your eyes, as well as address any complications that may occur.

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