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DR. CHRISTABEL TRINH was a pro. Gentle, easy, friendly. Excellent staff. Happy to work with them.
1 week ago
- Dennis R.
Always the nicest staff!
1 week ago
- Debbie S.
I began my journey with Dr.s Hiura & Hiura Optometry in the '90's. I am now seeing the third generation of Optometrist. They are very professional and friendly. I love the variety of glasses to sunglasses I can choose from. 😎 I am a very satisfied customer.
2 weeks ago
That was the most fun I’ve had at a vision checkup
2 weeks ago
Patient for over 20 years. Confident that they only prescribe what is absolutely necessary.
1 month ago
- James P.
Had a very comfortable experience and Dr. Hiura answered all my questions regarding my eye health satisfactorily.
1 month ago
- Nab S.
I have been having Eye Care from Dr for over 40 years. I have never been disappointed. The care is professional, caring and informative when need be.
1 month ago
- Margery W.