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Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Dita Frames

Check Out These Ditas Frames! Try Them On Today!

Here are just some of the lines we offer:

  • alain mikli
  • Anglo American
  • Anne Klein
  • hugoboss
  • Bottega 20Veneta
  • brooks brothers
  • Burberry
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carrera color
  • Caviar
  • Cazal color
  • chesterfield
  • derek lam
  • dita
  • dolce and gabbana
  • Dragon
  • Evatik
  • Flexon
  • Brand Logo Givenchy
  • Gucci
  • ic berlin
  • Juicy Couture
  • Kate Spade
  • Klick
  • lacoste logo
  • lindberg
  • marc jacobs
  • marchon logo
  • Maui Jim logo
  • modo
  • Mykita
  • Nike
  • Nine West
  • Oakley
  • oliver peoples
  • OWP
  • Persol
  • phillip lim
  • Polo color
  • Prada
  • proDesign logo
  • RalphLauren
  • Ray-Ban
  • Rudy Project
  • Silhouette
  • starck
  • swissflex
  • Tiffany
  • Tom Ford
  • tura logo
  • Versace color
  • Wiley X
  • William Morris London
  • zero g

  • Alain Mikli-Frames to see as well as to be seen
  • Timeless sophistication with contemporary style
  • British elegance with a modern vision of fashion.
  • The classic designs of Calvin Klein Glasses will always remain timeless as the years go on.
  • Every pair of Carerra eyeglasses is carefully designed to fit the needs of people living in the fast lane of life.
  • Not for the faint at heart. Caviar frames shape the way the world sees you.
  • Chesterfield is synonymous for exceptional quality eye wear for individuals of all ages and sizes (including XL sizes) for a comfortable fit.
  • A Modern Vision
  • Exclusively designed inspired vintage eyewear for the modern world.
  • Dolce & Gabbana and D&G - luxury brands distinguished by their stylistic originality.
  • Do you have what it takes? High-quality athlete-inspired eyewear for action lovers.
  • Distinct style inspired by a perfect balance of eyewear intelligence and novel influences. Designed to keep you staring.
  • The eyewear with a memory. Memory metal titanium eyewear that always returns to its original shape.
  • Gucci represents world class luxury, Italian heritage and modern style. The latest in glamour and fashion always makes a women feel special.
  • A wide range of designer glasses for men and women alike. Show the sporty side of a cosmopolitan personality.
  • Innovative screwless eyewear 100% designed and manufactured in Berlin, Germany, that brings you back to the days of quality over quantity, with a virtually indestructible pair of glasses.
  • Eyeglasses for women & girls. Designed for the socially conscious customer with an eye for fashion, these fun-seeking frames are a real style statement.
  • Kate Spade has a strong sense of personal style and a passion for color.The eyewear collection is designed with the classic, elegant, and femininestyling that is so unique to Kate Spade.
  • Get ready for unconventional chic. Lacoste eyewear is relaxed, classy, comfortable, stylish and fresh.
  • The young and irreverent side of Marc Jacobs fashion brings affordable eyewear with a practical urban style.
  • The best optics in prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.
  • Enjoy sleek and minimalist design? Check out these great frames from Lindberg.
  • Eyewear for the individual
  • Out of this world hand-assembled prescription frames and sunglasses.
  • A trusted brand in sportswear, it  goes without saying that with Nikevision, the same applies.  Their lightweight, stylish, flexible and durable eyeglasses are second to none.
  • Nine West goes from the runway to your closet - you’re gonna need a bigger closet.
  • Oakley Ophthalmics and sunglasses are best in class for active wear.
  • Love the retro glamour of 1950's glasses? Pick up retro flair with modern styling with a pair of Oliver Peoples frames.
  • Timeless style with modern appeal. From oversized styling to glamorous vintage looks there is something for everyone.
  • Luxury and elegance defined.
  • The newest in Danish style and technology with great colors and bold designs.
  • Originally created for pilots in the 1930's Ray-Ban remains a leader in style, comfort, and quality to this day.
  • OWP: Glasses that not only look perfect, but in fact are perfect.
  • Technically Cool. With award winning technology, Rudy Project is the world’s most technologically advanced sports eyewear.
  • "Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.
  • When biomechanics serves vision the result is glasses better suited to human beings.
  • An elegant outlook on style with impeccable craftsmanship and unexpected details.
  • Tom Ford offers energy, uniqueness, precision, functionality and innovation. Easy to wear, easy to get used to.
  • Beauty is in the details, design is in the details, drama is in the details, style is in the details, quality is in the details...
  • Beautiful eyewear targeted towards the young and young-at-heart.
  • High Velocity protection for work, play and life.
  • Zero G Titanium Eyewear: Zero in on Style