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Rudy Project

Rudy ProjectSince 1985, The Rudy Project has been creating innovative and functional sports eyewear and helmets for the world's most extreme athletes. With the ambition to improve the performance of athletes all over the world, the Italy-based eyewear company operates on a love of progress, a passion for style and a keen eye for quality.

Tirelessly working in cooperation with athletes from all fields, Rudy Project never stops researching to find the best materials available for innovation and design, based on what the top athletes want and need. Each and every design is made to provide cutting-edge products that are Technically Cool- focused on performance, comfort and style.

Rudy Project Eyewear is designed for adjustability, superior quality and ultimate comfort on and off the playing field. Patented technology allows for RX friendly and interchangeable lenses to meet environmental demands as well as an unmatched lens and frame warranty for one of the most durable products on the market.

Visit the Rudy Project website.